Daybreak Villages

Daybreak is comprised of 9 villages, Founders Village (this was the first), Eastlake Village, North Shore Village, SoDa Row (shopping and restaurants), Garden Park Village (over 55’s community), South Station Village, Creekside Village, Lake Village and Heights Park Village.

Springhouse Village

Springhouse Village is a bit different to the other villages, its Daybreak’s 2nd over 55’s community. Situated to the west of Mountainview Corridor it will have its own Community Center and Pool.

Highland Park Village

Highland Park Village is the latest village introduced by Daybreak and the first one located on the west side of Mountain View Corridor. This village features smaller more affordable townhomes, ramble and 2 story homes.

Lake Village

The latest village to be introduced is located on the shoreline of Oquirrh Lake and is called Lake Village. Homes in this village are located either on a peninsular or on an hillside overlooking the lake.

Heights Park Village

Heights Park is Daybreak's last village to be located on the east side of Mountain View Corridor. The village sits atop a hill to the west of the lake and features a 20 foot viewing area called The Mound.