North Shore Village

Daybreak’s third phase of development is called North Shore Village. Like its name suggests it is located on the north side of Oquirrh Lake.

New to North Shore is the Rubicon Road area. This two-block corridor introduces Daybreak’s first town square (called Church Park) and neighborhood retail area. The neighborhood retail area is intended for small shops that fit into the character of the area, for example a coffee shop, pizza shop, drycleaners etc.

North Shore Village brought about a change in direction from Kennecott Land, with a move towards more high density / affordable homes than those seen in the first two villages. There were more options for people looking in the starter home price ranges, while still offering large single-family homes and maintenance free homes aimed that those people wishing to downsize. This phase also introduced green homes, with Garbett Homes building the Solar Powered Solaris Collection.

There are a total of 6 different home builders in this village:

Garbett Homes Bay Townhomes and Solaris. New to Daybreak in this phase, Garbett Homes focus is on starter homes and environmentally friendly homes. The Bay Townhomes feature a ultra-modern design (somewhat of a new approach for Daybreak) and the Solaris Collection are solar powered eco-friendly single family homes.

Rainey HomesSingle family homes and Cottage Courts. Cottage Counts are a miniature version of the traditional single family home.

Destination HomesSingle Family Homes.

Hamlet HomesTownhomes and Single Family Homes.

Holmes HomesSingle Family Homes, Parkside Homes, Mansion Homes, Bay Lofts and Flats, and Coach House. Parkside Homes are smaller single family homes arranged around a common green space. Mansion Homes were first introduced in Eastlake Village. They are townhomes that from the outside look like a single large mansion. Bay Lofts and Flats are modern style homes, which feature a mix of single level living and two story loft style homes. Coach House homes are 3 story, 1 and 2 bedroom starter homes featuring a sleek modern design.

Ivory HomesPaseo Homes. Paseo Homes are small single family homes designed to face a green common promenade instead of a street