Eastlake Village

  • Eastlake Village Viewed from the Lake
  • Eastlake Pool
  • Paseo Homes
  • LDS Temple
  • Trellis Park

The second phase of the Daybreak Development is called Eastlake Village. The village is located to the east of Oquirrh Lake, and runs the entire length of the lake.

Trellis Park Eastlake

Trellis Park

Some of the major amenities found in this area are:

Eastlake Promenade – Located to the south end of the village, this is a corridor park that provides a walking path from the LDS temple, to Oquirrh Lake.

Eastlake Commons – Another but bigger corridor park that includes, tennis courts, skateboard park, and the Eastlake Swimming Pool.

Neighborhood Parks – A total of 8 parks provide outdoor space for the residents. These include Sunset Park, Garden Corner, Secret Garden Park, Trellis Park, Orchard Park, Bowery Park, Boulder Park and Eastlake Park.

Eastlake Park – This park is somewhat different to the others found in Daybreak. For a start it is the first one to include a beach area. The park is located on the east side of the lake, at the end of Eastlake Commons. In addition to the beach area there is also a basketball court, and large children’s playground.

Skate Park in Eastlake

Skate Park

There are a total of 6 different home builders in this village:

Bangerter HomesSingle Family Homes.

Rainey HomesSingle Family Homes.

Destination HomesSingle Family Homes.

Richmond American HomesPaseo, and Single Family Homes. Paseo homes face a landscaped promenade and green instead of the street.

Holmes HomesParkside Homes, Carriage Homes, Townhomes, Single Family Homes. Carriage homes are condos that have 9th ceilings on the main floor, big great rooms and large covered balconies. Parkside Homes are a group of single family homes all with different styles located around a shared green.

Village Carefree Community – Single Family Homes. These are high-end homes that offer single level maintenance free living for the over 55’s.

Liberty HomesCottage Courts and Single Family Homes. Cottage Courts are connected like townhomes and twin homes but the shared wall is in the garage. Therefore you maintain the privacy of a single family home.

Hamlet HomesSingle Family Homes, Townhomes, Mansion Homes. Mansion homes are a group three townhomes which from the outside look like a large mansion.

In addition to the home builders listed above, there are also a number of custom home lots located along the south and east sides of the village.