Lake Village

Daybreak Lake Village is the latest phase of the development, and is located on some of Daybreak’s most sort and prime locations. It is the first village where the homes are built along the lakes shores. The village straddles either side of the lake, with part of the village located on a peninsular to the northeast of the lake and part on a hillside to the northwest.

The homes in this village are designed to take advantage of the location, and have been built in such a way to provide the best possible view of the lake for as many homes as possible.

They have also been designed to have more usable yard space. This has been accomplished by having detached garages (where possible), and situating them in the rear corner of the yard. This provides one large usable yard, rather than two smaller yards split by the garage.

Hillside Portfolio

The hillside portfolio of homes features homes by Holmes Homes (Hillside Paseo), David Weekly (Hillside Cottage) and Destination Homes (Hillside Manor). Homes in this area start in the $200’s for the paseo style homes, through $500’s for larger single family homes.

Peninsular Portfolio

Homes on the peninsular are built by Destination Homes (Cottage Courts), Holmes Homes (Waterside Manor Homes), and Rainey Homes (Waterside Cottage and Waterside Estate homes). Homes in this area start in the $200’s for the terrace homes, through to $600’s for estate homes.