Oquirrh Lake

Oquirrh Lake forms one of Daybreak’s main features. It is situated in the center of the community, is approximately 67 acres in size and more than 3 miles around.

The Daybreak Villages of Founders Park, Eastlake, North Shore, Lake and Garden Park Village are situated around the lake. In the center of the lake is an island, which is home to Daybreak's most exclusive village called 'The Island'.

Spanning the lake and connecting the island is a series of bridges. There are a total of three-foot bridges and three vehicle bridges.

Oquirrh Lake forms a major recreation center for local residents. Each morning and evening you can find people running, walking and biking around the lake. It is also a popular spot for people wanting to fish the well-stocked lake. Daybreak residents can partake in the boating facilities which include canoes, sailboats, and rowboats. Please note that no motorized boats are allowed on the lake and permits must be purchased if you want to use your own boat on the lake. Also, there is no swimming or wading allowed in the lake.

If you have children then they are sure to love the beaches that are dotted around the lake. There are a total of 4 beaches, with the most popular one located being located on the eastside of the lake. Eastlake Park is located on the lake's edge and features a beach, basketball court, and a large playground. The other main beach is called North Shore Beach and features a large grassy area often used to host Daybreak events.

Now that Oquirrh Lake is becoming more mature wildlife are starting to flock to the area. There are numerous types of water birds which home there or use it as a stop off on their migration route.

Waterside Club and Beach at Lake Village
Yellow Headed Blackbird
Red Winged Blackbird
Boardwalk Oquirrh Lake
Daybreak Lake House
Bridge Oquirrh Lake