What’s Coming to Daybreak in 2019

Spring is nearly here so I thought I would provide an update on some of the developments you can expect to see coming to Daybreak in 2019

Let's start with the obvious ones. There will be continued development in both the well-established Heights Park, South Station and Garden Park Villages, as well as the newer Highland Park, Springhouse and Island Villages.

In addition to the continued new home construction, in Heights Park Village there will be the recently announced Firefly Park.

Highland Park Village is due to see some new model homes and mysterious soon to be announced amenities.

Urban Style Homes in South Station Village Daybreak

South Station Village is expanding into what they are calling Downtown Daybreak. This is the area that runs parallel to Mountain View Corridor and the TRAX line. There are urban style homes being built by Sego, Destination and Garbett Homes. There will also be some new amenities announced for this area.

SoDa Row is set to welcome 2 new businesses, Rockwell Ice Cream and Animal Care Center Daybreak. The Animal Care Center will be housed in a custom-built building which is currently being constructed, located on the south side of SoDa Row on 114th South Daybreak Rim Way.

Harmons Market North Shore Market Daybreak

The real difference in Daybreak for 2019 is the acceleration of commercial building. The 17,000 sq. Ft. Harmons Market is due to open this year, in the vacant land located on the north shore of Oquirrh Lake which is currently being used for parking. Also, this year will see a South Jordan Library opening in Downtown Daybreak (2 blocks north of the hospital). Speaking of the hospital, University of Utah Health are currently constructing a new building that will contain the South Jordan Care Navigation Center which will support doctors, nurses, medical assistants, technicians, and customer service professionals in interfacing with patients via various technological tools.

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