New Beach Club Coming to Daybreak

Daybreak's Beach Club with sandy beach and townhomes and boats on lake
Ever since Oquirrh lake was first constructed the boats that can be used by Daybreak residents have been stored in shipping containers on the west side of the lake. There was talk of a more permanent built boathouse for these with proper storage, but nothing materialized and I had just about forgotten about it.

That is until Daybreak recently announced that this long-awaited facility will be constructed and opened in 2020.

The location for this new facility called ‘The Beach Club’, will be where the current dock area is located, just to the east of the Rio Tinto Office Building. This means we lose the current docks which will be a loss for those people who use them for fishing.

The new facility will include a beach from which the boats can be launched, a boathouse, an observation deck incorporating seating, and a boat ramp by which residents can launch their own craft.

Located just to the north will be a new set of townhomes (Marina View) which are currently being constructed by Ivory Homes.

Construction on the Beach Club will begin this Winter and is expected to be completed sometime in the Summer.

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