North Shore Village Center Update

Some time ago Daybreak announced the development of North Shore Village Center. The development was to be located on the piece of vacant land at the north end of Oquirh Lake, but given circumstances (not surprising given COVID), it has met some delays.

Recently Daybreak provided an update on its progress and also on its composition. Harmons Market is the main anchor, but Daybreak has also announced a mixed development of apartments and townhomes.

Map of North Shore Village Center Daybreak

The Harmons Market will be approx 17,000 sq. ft., and while smaller than the regular store, will provide 85% of the product selection but in smaller quantities. It is now due to open in the Fall of 2021. There is also additional space set aside for future retail/restaurants.

The Pearl Apartments Daybreak

In addition to the retail space Daybreak also announced the development of Apartments and Townhomes by C.W. Urban. The apartment complex called The Pearl, will have its own amenities including a clubhouse and a gym. Development should begin towards the end of this year.

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