Daybreak Announce The Watercourse

Artist Impression of Daybreak's The Watercourse with waterside homes
Development in the Upper Villages (Springhouse Village and Highland Park Village) have been going for a couple of years now, but Daybreak has not really announced any major features. The Lower Villages have the Oquirrh Lake, and now it has been announced that the Upper Villages will have a feature called The Watercourse.

The Watercourse will be a long meandering network of water channels, cascades, and ponds, which will include a mile-long stretch of water, great for paddle boarding and kayaking in the summer months.

As well as the water-based activates The Watercourse will also allow for more waterfront property (always popular and in demand), including some with private docks.

In addition to The Watercourse, they also announced something called The Cove. Details are a bit vague at the moment but it seems this will incorporate beaches, ponds, boat dock, playground and a covered pavilion (Cove House). There was also mention of a place for concerts, so maybe this will be the new location for the Daybreak Summer Concert Series, which are currently held at SoDa Row, but will need to relocate in order to make room for more retail place.

All this will, of course, take time, with construction due to start later this year and taking a couple of years to complete (waterfront homes estimated availability is 2021 at the earliest).

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One comment on “Daybreak Announce The Watercourse
  1. Laurie Cole says:

    I am looking for information about homes being developed along the Watercourse. I currently live out of state, so I am interested in a townhome or condo. Future development in the next 2-3 years is okay as well. Thank you so much, Laurie

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