Daybreak Internet Speed Upgrade

CenturyLink LogoGood news for Daybreak residents, we are getting our internet upgraded to 40 MB. CenturyLink will be performing the upgrade from the current 12 MB to 40 MB over the next few months. The upgrade is for everyone whose home is connected by fiber (I believe this is everyone with the exception of phase 1).

Residents also have the option of paying extra and receiving 100 MB or an earth shattering 1 GB connection. For questions regarding upgrading beyond the 40MB, contact CenturyLink 866-316-1975.

It seems our lives are becoming ever more linked to the internet, and this upgrade is welcome news for the ever increasing demands for online gaming and bandwidth hungry streaming services. The advent of things like 4K TV streaming services offered by people like Netflix and Amazon now require internet speeds upward of 25 MB for a good stable picture.

A timeline of when you can expect to receive the upgrade will be available within the next couple of weeks. The upgrades will be performed remotely and should not require a tech visit to the home.

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