Daybreaks Honey Bees

Bee HiveDid you know that Daybreak has its own honey bee hives? In fact, there are approximately 200 hives in Daybreak that produce about 2000 pounds of honey a year. The hives are currently located on the island in the tree farm and in the Bingham Preserve. During the winter months, the hives are moved to a location in California.

The honey is packaged and sold in SoDa Row’s Swirly Girls Bakery and used by various local restaurants including Daybreak’s Porch. In addition to this, the honey will soon be available in other outlets. Beeswax is used to make a natural lip balm which is sold in The Nest, also located in SoDa Row.

During the development of Daybreak, a mix of plants were used that are useful to bees. This includes clover which provides for plentiful nectar which is collected by the bees to make honey.

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