South Jordan Agree $38 Million Bond for Daybreak Expansion

South Jordan UT City LogoSouth Jordan City Council recently ratified a $38 million bond to develop 1100 acres along the southwest end of Daybreak. The money will be used to provide the infrastructure needed for the Daybreak expansion, and accelerate commercial development along Mountain View Corridor.

Included in the development plans are 7000 homes, which includes a large amount of high density. There will be 2,800 apartments, 1,000 condos and 3,200 single family homes. The inclusion high density housing caused many concerns among local residents, including the current mayor who voiced his concerns and asked for it to be postponed or revoked.

The original agreement between Kennecott Land and South Jordan was approved back in December, and the money is due to become available in March 2016. The bond was formatted in such a way that it will be paid for by future development, so not passing the burden onto current residents.

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