Bangerter Highway 114th South Junction Update

You may have heard that Bangerter Highway is currently undergoing a series of updates to ease congestion. These updates involve bypassing the traffic lights at junctions by either building a flyover or underpass.

bangerter 114th northbound
While both the 104th and 114th exist will go through this process, the first one on the list will be 114th.

The environmental impact study for the modification has been completed and work has begun to prepare the way for an underpass to be added.

Demolitions have started on homes along the northwest side of Bangerter 114th South ready for the junction update. Demolitions are expected to be ongoing through summer 2017 and will involve a total of 16 homes.

The update will involve building an underpass for Bangerter Highway and a bridge over the highway. This work is due to start in May 2017.
While I am not sure of the impact on traffic while the improvements are implementation, I can see that it will not be pretty for some time.

In addition to the underpass, the strange shaped roundabout / circle located just to the east (next to The District) will be removed and replaced by two sets of traffic lights. While I like the idea of roundabouts which provide a very effective way of moving traffic (assuming people follow the rules), this one is kind of a half roundabout and just confuses people, so it seems like a good idea to remove it.

Here is the UDOT page with more info on the project
bangerter 114th southboundbangerter 114th eastbound

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  1. Wahoooooo!! This is going to be awesome!

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