Giant Welby Park Could Be Coming Soon

While there are a number of large parks in the Salt Lake County area, the one area where they are lacking, is in the southwest part of the Salt Lake Valley. This may well to about to change with the plans for a massive Salt Lake County park called Welby Park. The park will be located at 102nd south and 48th west, on Daybreak’s north border.

Welby Park South Jordan
Welby Park South Jordan
The park will not be some small regional park; it’s planned to be approximately 160 acre’s, that’s about twice the size of Salt Lake’s Liberty Park and potentially the largest park in Salt Lake County. The park is still in the planning stage, but could begin as soon as fall 2015.

The land where the park is planned is currently owned by Salt Lake County, but as part of the plans the area will be annexed by South Jordan.

At the moment there are only draft plans for the park layout and one of the next steps will be to revisit this draft and come up with a final proposal. One of the things they are looking to do is to remove the Salt Lake County maintenance building from the current draft plans, and replace with more play structures.

The first phase of this project will be funded by South Jordan, with the remaining funding coming from the counties Zoo, Arts and Parks fund.

Site Elements

  1. RAD Canyon BMX: Existing BMX race track is to be incorporated in the park.
  2. Shared Parking: Welby Park and RAD Canyon BMX to share parking.
  3. Mountain Bike Skills Course: New course independent of RAD Canyon, incorporates a pump track and other features designed to test riders of all ages.
  4. Multi-Purpose Fields: Multi sized fields designed to incorporate soccer, football, lacrosse and rugby.
  5. Amphitheater: Features terraced lawn seating overlooking the Bingham Creek landscape.
  6. Destination Playground: Large play area designed to support 300 children at the same time.
  7. Splash Pad: This will be incorporated in the Destination Playground.
  8. Group Pavilions: For picnics and family gatherings.
  9. Overlook Mound: Located in the center of the park providing great views of the park and mountain ranges.
  10. Outdoor Courts: Basketball and grass volleyball courts.
  11. Field House: Indoor play and practice facilities for multiple sports.
  12. Park Circulation: Two way access roads with parking on one side and bike path on the other. Trails pass beneath the road.
  13. Trail Network: Trail system providing access to all park activities.
  14. Open Lawn Area: Open space where people can play ball, frisbee games, fly kites etc.
  15. Bingham Creek Restoration: The old creek bed will be restored to emphasize the presence of a former waterway.
  16. Native Landscape: Incorporates native grasses, shrubs and wildflowers which require little maintenance and minimal irrigation.
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    • Mark Bird says:

      Looks like things are taking longer than expected (I know that’s a shock:) ). There is a Facebook page at and it appears the last update was “They are starting to do reclamation work on this site and will hopefully start construction next summer. Phase 1 of the park will most likely not be completed until 2019.”

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