Daybreak Home Prices for 2nd Quarter 2022 Are Things Changing?

Daybreak Home Prices 2nd Quarter 2022

While Daybreak home prices continued their seemingly endless climb, under the surface we are starting to see some signs of change. The median sales price for a home broke the $600,000 barrier for the first time, to stand at $625,761. That was a 24.99% increase when compared to the 2nd quarter of 2021. The total properties sold declined slightly, falling 2.59%, while the time taken to sell increased 83% to 11 days (still a very good number).

Daybreak Combined Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $625,761 up 24.99%
Total Sales: 188 down 2.59%
Days on Market: 11 unchanged.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family home prices returned a 16.39% increase in the 2nd quarter of 2022, with the median sales price standing at $697,212. Sales were slightly up, climbing 4.63% but the time taken to sell a home increased to 15 days.

Single Family Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $697,212 up 16.39%
Total Sales: 113 down 4.63%
Days on Market: 15 up 200%

Townhomes / Twin Homes

The Townhome / Twin Home real estate market remained strong in the 2nd quarter. Sales prices were up, but properties were taking a little longer to sell.

Townhouse / Twin Home Sales
Townhome Median Sales Price: $487,510 up 17.19%
Townhome Total Sales: 65 down 10.96%
Twin Home Median Sales Price: $587,044 up 18.77%
Twin Home Total Sales: 4 No Change
Days on Market: 8 up 33.33%


The Daybreak condo market saw median sales prices increase by 27.97%. While prices were up sales were down and the time taken to go under contract

Condo Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $344,250 up 27.97%
Total Sales: 6 down 25%
Days on Market: 25 up 92.31%


Home prices continued to increase in the 2nd quarter but other indicators pointed to a changing market, moving more to a balanced market from a seller's market. There are certainly signs that new home construction sales are starting to slow. I am seeing more ads from builders and spec homes sitting for longer rather than immediately selling.

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