Daybreak 2021 Housing Market Update

Daybreak Home Prices Annual 2021 Update

Daybreak experienced the best year yet with the median sales price climbing 22.14% to sit at $485,000. While prices soured, sales fell sharply (lack of supply in all probability helped fuel the large increase in prices), decreasing 19.03% with 834 homes sold. The number that really reflected the state of the housing market was days-on-market, which fell to just 7 days.

Daybreak Combined Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $480,000 up 22.14%
Total Sales: 834 down 19.03%
Days on Market: 7 down 66.67%

Single-Family Homes

If you want to buy a single-family home in Daybreak then it got a lot more expensive over the last year. The median sales price in 2021 was $595,000, which was a 24.93% increase over 2020. Total sales were down, falling 19.61% with 451 homes sold, and time taken to sell a home fell 63.16% to just 7 days.

Single Family Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $595,000 up 25.93%
Total Sales: 451 down 19.61%
Days on Market: 7 down 63.16%

Townhomes / Twin Homes

The townhome real estate market was also strong in 2021. Twinhomes median sales price increased by 20% to $475,500 and Townhomes increased by 26.19% to $410,000.

Townhouse / Twin Home Sales
Townhome Median Sales Price: $410,000 up 26.19%
Townhome Total Sales: 337 down 15.96%
Twin Home Median Sales Price: $475,500 up 20%
Twin Home Total Sales: 8 down 68%
Days on Market: 7 down 70.83%


The condo market is not very big in Daybreak, but it still saw large median sales price increases in 2021. The median sales price increased an impressive 30.23% to $280,000. Condos did take longer to sell than other home types, taking a median of 15 days, which is still a strong number.

Condo Home Sales
Median Sales Price: $280,000 up 30.23%
Total Sales: 38 down 11.63%
Days on Market: 15 down 31.82%Median Sales Price: $280,000 up 30.23%
Total Sales: 38 down 11.63%
Days on Market: 15 down 31.82%


2021 was a really strong year for the Daybreak housing market. Decreasing inventories, a shortage of labor/materials, and strong buyer demand all combined to drive up home prices. This demand is continuing into the new year but is unlikely to again result in 20%+ price increases in 2022.

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